by Jules

Frequently asked questions

Can the bikes be ridden?
Yes, the bikes are functional art and are designed to be ridden.

Which woods are used?
Each bike is different. The woods that I like using are Cedar, Walnut, Maple and American Ash.

What do the bikes weigh?
It's not about the weight, rather about the aesthetics and the ride.
Most of the complete bikes weigh between 10-14kg.

How are the bikes made?
Each bike is custom made and is designed, laminated and hand shaped. The bikes are finished with either Danish Oil or a clear polyurethane enamel.


Can I buy just the frame?
Yes, most people prefer to buy just the frame and build the bike to their own preferences. When you order the frame we will need to discuss what drive train, and fork components you will be using.

How long does it take to make a bike frame?
As the bikes are hand made and finished it takes between 2-3 months to craft each bike.

How do I order a bike?
Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Contacts